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Well this week has been good so far! :) Monday went shopping with Jo and Lynne, soon as we started walking up from the car park some people from ‘The Chronicle’ stopped us and started asking us questions about Politics. I know nothing about them, apart from they are shit! And in the end Me and Lynne ended up in the paper, front page and another. Tuesday, was a great day :D so good to be at college again, missed everyone, catched up, had a laugh, which I missed the most, waited for Luke to finish college as he was going my dads house for tea. Was a good night, my dad likes him, so its all good, had a great tea aswel. Didn’t go home till about 9:15ish, saw a fire aswel from the motorway, in my direction, found out when I got home it was Maple Mill, my dad use to work there! Now its burnt down :(…And today, had my hair done, finally, my roots were hurendous! Now its like my natural colour, strawberry blonde, its gorgeous, everyone likes it aswel, starting to grow it, hate it long. Also was Lizzies birthday today, so went pub after it bought her a drink and straight back to college we went. Oh, one more thing…I have NIN Tickets :D yay! Going there with my boys lol, Luke, Aaron, Mike D and Adam, should be awesome! :)



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Ok then, maybe I shouldn’t of looked but I did, but fucking hell! Get a grip of yourself!! Thinking I would actually want to get back with you! No fucking way, I didn’t meet you because I don’t want you, because I fucking hate you! And what you did to me! Yeah, you may think i’m cruel for saying that, I don’t care, its the truth! And whats with the ‘leave me alone part? You text me, quite a bit, pages full of massages and you have asked me to meet you,since when do I come into the equation on that??? Oh, because I fucking don’t! Ugh, get a fucking grip of yourself, I’m happy with someone, I don’t want ot hear anything else from you, now I think you should leave me THE FUCK ALONE!

EDIT: Don’t even think about texting me again and using me as the fucking ‘on the side’ like you did! Oh didn’t she know about that? Haven’t you told  her? Oh well, I don’t give a shit anymore, she can believe your little lies that you make, because your aren’t truthful, to anyone. So have a good life, see how long it last before you break another heart!


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Can’t wait for these holidays to finish now! So boring after the first week, there is nothing to do at all! Had a driving lesson this morning, and went town afterwards, got a pair of leggins and some dinner then went home…and yet again i’m bored! Not doing anything else this week I don’t think either, might be seeing Amy and Liz on Friday, I really want to see Luke again, miss him, whis we didnt live far away from each other :(. Hes coming mine on Monday though, yay! He’s meeting my dad :). Also, might be going the Radio One Big Weekend with Luke and a few others…registered today, so hope to get a ticket… Got nothing else to say now really…Got work after and thats it, United play tonight so might watch that when I get in from work.

Great :)

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Had a fun weekend this week. Was so glad to finish work at 3pm on Saturday. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to get up early on the Sunday, thank god! A lie in…on a Sunday, perfect :). Anywho, Was out fo bed for about 10ish, as Luke was going to pick me up soon, as  I was staying at his house. Helped my mum to clean the car, as it was such a beautiful day, about time it was sunny! So Luke picked me up at about 11:30ish, went back to his house, got some stuff sorted out, as we were going for a walk to Ingelton. So we set off about 12:30ish, got there about 2ish, so started for our walk, was so nice, the sun was so warm, we started walking, talking to his brother and parents quite a bit, they are so nice :). So after quite a while, 3 hours to be exact, finished our 4 and a half mile walk, then went pub afterwards, had a nice 2 pints of cider (As I love the sweet stuff) felt a little tipsy…hmm…nearly fell asleep on the way home, but managed to keep myself awake, listening to NIN with Luke, he is soo funny! Got a curry when we got home, was nice. Didn’t get sleep till about 2am, couldn’t stop laughing at Luke making jokes, and coming out with some weird comments…just hilarious! Anyway, morning after, woke up with the worst pain, back aching after sleeping on the floor…:(. Didn’t get out of bed till about 2ish…just lying there…cuddling, was so nice <3. Soon after we got ready and went to the cinemas, went watching ‘ The Knowing’ with Nicolas Cage in it. Pretty good film, loved the ending though. Wanna watch more films that are coming out soon like: Terminator, Transformers, Xmen:Wolverine…etc can’t wait till they come out! :D. And now, i’m at home, deciding what to do for the rest of the week…Would rather see Luke again, but not seeing him till next week now I think :(…Bleh…Birthday soon anyway, something to look forward to, yay ^_^


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Well, firstly, went for a bigggg shopping trip to Manchester with Liz and Amy, was shopping for 5 hours…too bloody long, but was awesome! Best moment was in Marks & Spencers xD That shop sent us hysterical. Bought some great stuff though; 2 dresses(1 from primark, other from topshop) , pair of leggins, blue tights. Was fun! Best day out ever! Was so glad to be out the house though, less miserable for me :). The the exciting part! Well, people won’t think the same, but i’m looking forward to Sunday sooo much! :) Seeing Luke on Sunday, going for a walk with his mum, brother and himself (of course) to Ingelton, waterfall walk, so should be nice, I love my walks ^_^, then going for pub lunch after it, then staying over, Monday; me and the Luketh are going Cinemas watching ‘The knowing’ which looks pretty awesome. Should be a great 2 days-ish :) So looking forward to it <3

Why now??

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Why now?  Why all of a sudden do I feel shit, down, and upset when I wake up? Is it because of yesterday or the day before? Yeah, I think so, I still wonder why that happened. Yeah, not a big deal to you both, or is it? I don’t really care to honest. Not anymore. Why should I bother?! I’ve moved on, I’ve found someone i’m happy with now, I’m going out alot more, having fun. So this shouldn’t get to me now should it? But it is, I want to stop it, but I don’t know how to. For some reason I was worried about you yesterday, but I know what your like. I wish one thing not to happen to you or anyone and that is to hurt yourself. I wouldn’t want that to happen…ever! It doesn’t help being in the house all fucking day! Tomorrow should be better, seeing Liz and Amy, getting out the house, talking to Luke, yeah should be better, I’m really hoping so anyway, I hate how I feel at the moment, really…    :(

Hmmmm :\

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Today, I was shocked…only by something I didn’t expect…I just want to know, why??  Why now? I thought you moved on, your with someone else, your happy, as I am….I don’t understand. This has ended, right? Nothing is going to change now..it never will. As hurtful as it is. I have nothing else to say…